Net Zero Label for products and services

“Net Zero Products and Services Label” program
What is the Net Zero Label for Products and Services?

The Net Zero Products and Services Label is a certification standard that recognizes and highlights companies’ efforts to reduce and fully offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their products and services. This label demonstrates a company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible climate action.

Credibility: Building consumer and partner trust by demonstrating real commitment to sustainability.
Market Differentiation: Differentiating products and services in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.
Transparency: Provides a clear picture of sustainability efforts and positive environmental impact.
Access to New Markets: Opens opportunities in market segments that value green actions.
How is the Etiquette Awarded?

The process for awarding the label is rigorous and includes the following steps:

  • Initial Assessment: Interested companies must provide detailed data on emissions associated with their products/services.
  • Verification and Compensation: It is verified whether emissions have been fully compensated through recognized environmental projects (forestation projects, renewable energy, etc.).
  • Rigorous Audit: ARSC experts and staff evaluate and confirm the validity of the emissions offset.
  • Certification: After a successful assessment process, the “Net Zero Green Xchange” label is awarded.

Who Can Get the Label?

The label is accessible to any company, regardless of size or field, that demonstrates that it has fully offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its products or services, either through its own projects or through collaboration with ARSC or third parties.


Costs for obtaining the label vary depending on the complexity of the assessment and audit process. These include fees for initial assessment, verification, audit and certification. For specific details and a cost estimate, interested companies are invited to contact the ARSC.

Other Relevant Information

  • Validity: The label is valid for one year, with the possibility of annual renewal after re-evaluation.
  • Transparency and Reporting: Companies must be transparent and report regularly on their efforts to offset emissions.
  • Support: ARSC provides support and guidance throughout the certification process.

For more information and to start the certification process, we invite you to contact us.